TukTuk Armageddon


The most brutal zany form for 3 wheel racing. ever!


Win races, pull stunts, and blow the hell outa other racers, earn cash and buy tricked up tuktuk's, upgrade them further with bigger and more weapons,

imagine racing a 150+mph 3 wheeler,  with akimbo rocket launchers, 5l v8 engine, nitro and bad arsed fat rubber boots!


Concept screen shots:





Realistic crash damage


Race in wide and varied circuits



Heaps of awesome weapons, inc gattling guns, rocket launchers, plasma cannons, flame throwers and rock launchers, multi viewpoints, inc. in-car, top down and 3rd person


Perform burnouts and pull stunts

Test those skillz in CastleRumble, race around the inner castle walls, with it's tricky dirt track, rocky edges and deceptive turns.

Early tease trailer: