Penny Coin Drop Arcade – The Classic Arcade Game Comes to Android

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Penny Arcade, get it from Google Play

Remember the classic penny coin drop machine at your local arcade? The frustration, the anticipation of hitting the mother load! Well now the classic can be enjoyed without having to visit the arcade as Mojo Game Studio brings you its android version, which is far superior than the actual game. Why? Because the developers simply didn’t digitize the classic they made it better by incorporating various new aspects which will enhance the experience ten folds.

 penny arcade

For starters the graphics are vivid and masterfully rendered. Visuals aside, the stack of virtual pennies even sound real as they move back and forth. The game is smart enough to figure out the geographical location of the player and in turn populates the virtual machine with local currency. To give the game a more intimate and personalized touch, gamers can even select what denominations of currency they’d like to play with.


There have been other attempts to accurately mimic penny coin drop arcade game but they all had their flaws and shortcomings. With some graphics were just too unappealing or you’d run out of cash too soon. Taking into consideration these aspects, Mojo Game Studio has included a handy little utility that bestows 40 cents cash per day to keep the fun going. There’s also a 'free coins button’ to get more. Oh and there’s generous 80 cent cash welcome bonus to get things rolling in the beginning.




If you are looking for a fun game which accurately captures all the fun and excitement of the classic then look no further! It’s an excellent party game which will have participants rollicking for hours.